Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming


Promote the Health of the Tree

If you’ve found that your trees have started to outgrow the space you’ve set aside for them, it may be time to contact your local tree service, Stumpbusters, and look at how we can help keep your tree both contained and clean looking, as well as making sure the tree stays healthy through regular maintenance. Trimming trees is very important to keeping the tree safe to have near property and even people. A loose branch can eventually fall and cause a great deal of damage to the structures they land on.


Branches can, for instance, get stuck between roof shingles and create weak points in the roof where leaks can begin. Similarly, trees can start growing into the powerlines near your house, leading to power failures and costly repairs if any damage is done. While public utility companies trim trees in public areas, they require homeowners to maintain trees on private property and failing to do so can lead to a fine. If you’re noticing a tree on your property starting to grow towards any powerlines or over the roof of your house, it might be time to bring in a tree trimmer. Even if the tree in question is nowhere near any structures or powerlines, trimmings are still important to the tree’s health.


Trimming can prolong the life of trees, as it removes dead, weak, diseased, or pest-infested parts that might be causing harm to it over time, or cause parts of the tree to begin to rot. Trimming off the dying parts of the tree can also lead to increased production of flowers, leaves, and fruits. And in the end, a trimmed, well taken care of tree will add a touch of care to your home, creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment overall. Keeping your trees in top shape will also help keep up the appearance of your home.